Day: September 17, 2018

Where to Park a Car for a Long Term?

Those who live in a big city know it well: the main reason for stress and malaise are the car parks. First of all because every time you move, even just to make a commission or small expenses, you have to face the problem. And then because in the larger cities, almost all parking spaces are to be paid or reserved for residents. Just think that in a place like parking Anchorage airport, for example, a commuter who moves by car to study or work, spends on average 1,300 Dollars parking in a year. Similar numbers also apply to other cities and often, the fines increase the loss of money due to parking in not authorized zones. So, where to park a car for a long term? Here are some nice and useful tips on what to do and where to go when you can’t find the right spot. • Ask a local person for information. It seems trivial and anachronistic, but the best way to know where to park in a very crowded place, without searching for hours,…
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