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What is a network adapter?

Network adapters today have become extremely important as the world keeps coming closer through internet technology. We will discuss briefly what a network adaptor is and how it plays its part in connecting the world to form what we call the “global village”. A network adaptor is a component in a computer’s internal hardware that is used to communicate over a network with other computers that are present on that network. It allows a computer to connect to the server, LAN connected to a networking device or another computer. It can be used easily with a wireless and wired connection. Basic network adapters are used in laptops, PCs, and other home and office equipment, but professional adapters like CVR-QSFP-SFP10G Cisco are usually used in powerful servers. Significance of a Network Adaptor: A network adaptor is the only piece of the computer’s hardware that is usually required to connect and engage with the interface of a network. It is normally found on the circuit board and has jumpers that connect it with the motherboard of the computer. An RJ-45 port is…
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