How Do I Design My Instagram Page?

How Do I Design My Instagram Page?

Instagram has been at the forefront for many content creators in recent times. You have to make a creative feed that immediately grabs the attention of the viewer. This can be done by learning various traits about graphic design. Firstly, vibrant colors and elegant font style shall be used so that the viewer can engage with your content. This explains the fact that your Instagram page needs to have a unique aesthetic. As a result, the success of your page mainly depends upon the design of your feed. This means that Instagram growth service can be achieved through main content where the user shall hit the follow button rather than leaving the page. 

Build Brand

At the start, you need to pull viewers through exceptional branding. This shall give you a competitive edge over the other pages operating on Instagram. Therefore, branding counts for all your content, which includes logo, website, feed posts, etc. It will require a mind map for the anticipated target audience. Secondly, you will need to establish core values and the vibe that you are going to showcase on the Instagram arena. Based on all these factors, one can plan all the content for the feed. This will set you in the right direction through which a simplistic design for Instagram Page can be achieved. 

Color Game

Color is one of the main elements in presenting a unique aesthetic for your Instagram Page. Many researchers have also indicated that colors strongly impact buying behavior patterns along with brand awareness. Colors can be a game-changer for building a creative feed. Furthermore, there shall be cohesion in color selection. The color scheme of the logo shall be translated into all your content for the feed. Lastly, it is vital to choose the right colors because ninety percent of consumers judge a brand based on the color scheme. 

Edit & Plan

Editing is a building block to your design for the Instagram page. Picture or video editing can brighten up your post that shall look more attractive. As a result, when taking product images, one needs to take care of the light to make or break the picture quality. The easiest way you can edit your picture is through the filter feature. Secondly, you can edit three sets of the same image and then choose the best one. Moreover, in the next stage, you need to plan your feed for at least a month. To do this, you can make an excel sheet where you can list all the post material, and this way, planning shall be made easier. 

In the end, the design of your feed is a very subjective and creative matter. Some would like it, and some individuals would not like it based upon their preferences. It is suggested that one shall continuously evaluate their work regularly. In this way, a brand can learn new ways of interactive designs. Learning is a continuous process, and with time, your visuals will get better. As a result, constant effort shall be placed on the design of your feed through which you gain potential customers.