How to Clean Your Zipscreen Blinds?

How to Clean Your Zipscreen Blinds?

Choosing the right furniture and decor for your home has become a very crucial part of deciding the overall theme of your home and decorating it as well. People spend a lot of time and resources on getting home decor that would not only look and feel nice but also would stay true to its functionality. One such piece of furniture or home decor that is in fashion nowadays is the outdoor blinds. There are many outdoor blinds available in the market today. One of them is Zipscreen Blinds. Here we will talk about what Zipscreen Blinds are, their benefits, and how to clean them in case they get dirty. To find out more about blinds and curtains for your house, check out Five Star Outdoor blinds.

What are Zipscreen Blinds?

Zipscreen is a modern-day set of blinds that offer the ultimate and complete solution to all your screening problems. The blinds help you integrate all the indoor and outdoor areas surrounding your home in a way that your overall costs also remain minimal. The Zipscreen Blinds are preferred by its users primarily because they offer privacy and also help your indoors remain secure from elements like wind, sunrays, bugs, and insects, etc. This means that with these blinds not only is privacy ensured, but comfort is also one thing that remains constant throughout. The Zipscreen Blinds are also extremely versatile in the sense that they come with an option of getting both motorized and a manually controlled spring operation. The other most prominent thing about the blinds is that they are extremely aesthetic and offer simple solutions, making them a great and fairly convenient choice for your outdoor and indoor home decor.

How to Clean Your Zipscreen Blinds?

Unlike the normal blinds, cleaning the Zipscreen can be quite a task. There are some steps that need to be followed very carefully and thoroughly if you clean your blinds in the easiest way possible.

First, you need to start off by removing the visible dust from the blinds with the help of a vacuum cleaner or even a soft cloth would work fine. Then apply soapy water on the blinds and rinse it off immediately with clean water.

After this is done, the process of drying begins. For cleaning the zips of the blinds, you need to be very careful since the zip cleaning process can be tricky.

The zips should ideally be sprayed with silicone spray, and you should avoid any sort of oil lubricants or such solutions. Lastly, in case the PVC becomes discolored or rippled, one should avoid leaving the blinds rolled up for long periods of time. This is especially because of harsh weather, the PVC might rot or lose its shine and true essence.

The Zipscreen blinds are very easy to clean only if you follow the above-stated steps very carefully.