How to Preserve Family Memories

How to Preserve Family Memories

Do you have those cute family photos of your parents when they were young, or those photos of your grandparents at a younger age? We all like to make happy moments from such treasures as they make us appreciate our current state.

Some of us however face the challenges of ensuring we keep such treasures for a long time. Natural phenomena such as dust and too much humidity depreciate those memories quicker than we thought. So, how do we ensure we keep those memories safe for the near and later future?

Digital restoration

This is the process of transforming an old photo into a digital form through digitization processes such as scanning and image editing.

This is also a remedy to factors that lead to low quality of photos, such as ultraviolet rays from the sun and too much humidity from a humid environment.

It has its advantages such as taking lower storage space and making it easy for one individual to share the photos with another individual.


A lot of homes always have a cute family photo hanging on a cute frame around the hallway or any visible point of the walls in the house.

This is one of the easiest and most affordable methods of preserving family photos. It acts as wall decor and enhances conversations with friends who visit you and ask about your family members.

Different people choose different types of frames. There could be either a painting or a photo taken and enlarged to fit a big wall.

Family albums

Although this is an old method of storing photos, it is one of the most effective. If you happen to visit your grandparents, the chances of you finding a family album are very high.

Albums protect photos from dust and watery substances that lower the quality of photos at a high speed.

If you have photos you’d like to keep for a long time, consider a family album. You could choose to categorize the photos such as the time they were taken. It will seem like showing photos from a younger age to old age.


Storing photographs requires good abilities such as knowing the optimum environment and keeping photos in the right materials.

If you have a metallic storage cabinet, you will notice it will stain papers or documents if it is stained. The same case applies to photographs. Pick a wooden or plastic material as a storage device.

For digitized photos, go for devices that can be shared without getting viruses with ease. Such include hard disks and flash disks. Note, if it catches a virus, the data stored in it can be easily lost.


Family memories such as photographs can be customized by painting. If you can paint, try to recreate a photo into a painting. On the other hand, customize by converting a film of 8mm to digital space using special programs such as Adobe.

On the other hand, you can come up with a memory jar to help you and your family members have memorable moments in the future by dripping your favorite polaroids into a jar purposely made for the same.