What Do You Need to Play A Poker Game?

What Do You Need to Play A Poker Game?

Did you know gaming equipment used in a physical poker game is not the same as those used playing online, e.g. at  BP77? There is not so much difference although because the game is played the same way using the basics.

Below is a list of items you need to play poker games with your friends.

Deck of poker cards

The standard deck entails 52 French cards. They are split into 13 groups of diamonds, spades, hearts, and leaves. Each has a different ranking and the lowest is a 2 to a jack, ace, king, and queen.

If you plan on hosting a gaming night, one deck is enough. If you however have many friends, several decks will do.

When purchasing the cards, always ensure all the cards are present, as the game will not balance in case one is missing or there is an excess.

Poker table

Yes, you need a poker table to enjoy the game. In casinos, you will notice the fun people usually have when staring at the table watching a game being played.

The table is to accommodate players. This can range from 8 to 10 players. A poker table usually has writings that indicate where chips are stacked in a pot and a line to show where players keep their chips away from the pot.

The table also assists come up with rules to be followed by all players and ensuring a game is fair.


This is to tell how long a game is running. All players need equal time to play the game and make moves.

Some players use their clocks to track time, but if you have many players, you must get a huge timer that can be seen by all players.

If possible, have one person regulate the time, as it is easy to lose track of time when enjoying the game.

Chip tray

A chip tray is not necessary. It is however important as it helps the players organize the chips into assorted colors for easy gaming.

This also helps take care of chips well and avoid losing them

Poker chips

Chips stand in place of money. You do not have to use real money, especially if you are just a bunch of friends and are looking forward to having fun.

A white chip stands for $1, red $5, and black $100. Depending on your budget, there are two types of chips, clay ones, and plastic ones.

To ensure you successfully run a poker game:

  • Set all the rules of the game before you start playing
  • Have some drinks to ensure everyone enjoys the game
  • Play some good music to ensure you all enjoy
  • Hire a professional poker trainer in case it is your first time
  • Call a home caregiver if your friends have children that need babysitting
  • Play legal games to avoid being on the wrong side of authority