Where to Park a Car for a Long Term?

Where to Park a Car for a Long Term?

Those who live in a big city know it well: the main reason for stress and malaise are the car parks. First of all because every time you move, even just to make a commission or small expenses, you have to face the problem. And then because in the larger cities, almost all parking spaces are to be paid or reserved for residents. Just think that in a place like parking Anchorage airport, for example, a commuter who moves by car to study or work, spends on average 1,300 Dollars parking in a year. Similar numbers also apply to other cities and often, the fines increase the loss of money due to parking in not authorized zones.

So, where to park a car for a long term? Here are some nice and useful tips on what to do and where to go when you can’t find the right spot. • Ask a local person for information. It seems trivial and anachronistic, but the best way to know where to park in a very crowded place, without searching for hours, is to ask a local person. From the height of his experience in the city, he will be able to advise you of the real gems, the car parks that no “stranger” knows. And if you really do not know anyone, try taking a trip in the Tripadvisor forum.

• Book online. Many large cities have parking reservation services in the city center, at the station or in the airports. It is an excellent solution for those who come from outside and do not want to get mad to look for parking as soon as they arrive. Definitely a bit expensive, but it saves a lot of time.

• Use parking search apps. From Parkopedia to Parkme, up to Social Parking, there are dozens of apps that geolocate parking lots around the world and allow you to tell the user where the nearest parking is. Very useful for last minute situations, especially in cities that do not know each other.

• Rent a place near the inhabitants. If you knew someone in the city where you go for work or study, then you have the solution. You could ask if they can host your car while you’re off for the day. And if you may not know noone you could simply ask for it with kindness. Be very social-active and search for opportunities. It will save you a lot of money and stress. Do not forget you can also make an announce on the social medias like facebook groups or linkedin.

• Wait seven minutes in the nearest parking space. If you have not yet found a place using the tips above and you are in a parking lot without empty seats, do not give up now: sooner or later a place will free. It has been scientifically calculated that the average waiting time is seven minutes. The solution for those in no hurry!


We just have to wish you luck in the hunting for a free parking spot and remember that trusting luck is hardly ever the best method. We do not recommend (for various reasons) to make the ticket for a few minutes. The moment when you will think to return on time, will also be the one where you get a nice fine.