How to Remove Loose Fill Attic Insulation

How to Remove Loose Fill Attic Insulation


Removing loose-fill attic insulation is not as easy as it seems. It requires some skills so as to ensure tidiness. There can be dangerous minerals like asbestos. They can cause serious respiratory diseases and cancer. Loose fill can be in form of cellulose, fiberglass and rock wool. The process can be untidy and will need professionals for attic insulation Los Angeles. They offer the best services in removing the loose fill. You can decide to remove the loose fill due to mold that is cropping up. When it gets wet, it should be removed. When there are signs of rodents, this will be the best time to remove it. You could replace it with better insulation. The following steps ensure proper removal of loose-fill attic insulation.


It is vital to know whether the insulation has asbestos or not. This could be dangerous to your health. Buying a testing kit will determine this. You can also contact Attic Insulation Los Angeles to come and test for asbestos. Experts are better at this because of its risk to health. Mold is another problem too that should be handled by professionals. In other cases, where there are rodents, there is a need to call the relevant people who get rid of them. If the place has none of the above, you can proceed to remove them on your own.

Safety is important when dealing with removal. You should wear protective clothing so as to be secure. The clothing includes protective glasses like goggles. There is also need to dress in long sleeves and long pants. Gloves, dust mask, and a respirator are necessary for your own safety.

Removal using a wet-dry vacuum

It is a vacuum method that needs a long hose extension. This will make sure that you reach the loose fills. Garbage bags will be required so as to deposit the waste inside. You will need to do the work thoroughly. This means that in the end there will be no remnants. All the insulation will be completely removed. Vacuuming the attic joists will need starting at the end towards the exit. You should avoid any exposure to the insulation with the right gas mask. The wet-dry vacuum will take some time due to its low performance.

Using the HEPA filter insulation

It is an industrial vacuum with great power to absorb. It will be a great thing to rent it. It is effective when it comes to sucking up all the insulation. It will also deposit the insulation using the hose straight into garbage bags. It has a long hose which improves its performance. The process can be done from outside. This will minimize being exposed to the insulation and any contamination from it. The process will be fast and takes the shortest time possible. You will have an easy time using the HEPA filter. With this type of vacuum, you will be sure of a neat result.


Loose fill attic insulation removal is usually a professional’s work. It is much safer in the hands of specialists. You should avoid being exposed to toxic things from the insulation. However, if testes and there is nothing serious, go ahead and do it yourself. The best vacuum gives the best outcome.