Simple Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

Simple Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

Everyone currently is looking at Instagram for their promotional needs. Why is this so? Because Instagram is the most effective social media platform currently. The only way you can promote your brand or product on Instagram is by having more real followers. And it’s simple, go up the ladder slowly, not shortcuts. You may have encountered numerous Instagram automation websites online that offer followers at a certain rate and price. truth of the matter is that these aren’t real followers but only generated. So how do you get real followers?

Define your target audience

In pushing for more followers you need to have a clue as to who really is your audience, what their age bracket is, what they like, where they live and such. After you have defined your audience, you can now decide who to follow, what hashtags to use and what content to post. You also need to look at your rivals, who they follow, what they post so that you have a clue as to have a clue on the audience you are dealing with.

Endorse your Instagram account on other platforms

The best way you get to have more Instagram followers is by making it easy for them to find you. If you already have accounts on various popular social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook or even YouTube then you need to let your followers in thee platforms know that you are on Instagram. The most important aspect is that your Instagram profile is discoverable. share your profile link and sensitize your followers on the other platforms to follow your Instagram account. If you are into business, then you can boost your posts using paid advertisements to ensure you have more followers to your account.

Use relevant hashtags

Instagram has more than a billion users monthly. If you need to reach out to most of them, you need to find out what they relate with. The best way to do this is by using hashtags. Hashtags will make your post discoverable to users who use the same hashtags. A golden rule regarding hashtags is to use popular hashtags. You can use the search option to find out trending hashtags within your niche. You then can post your image using these hashtags as a caption. After you have grown, you can start your own hashtags that will motivate your followers to share their posts using your hashtags. This way you will generate an immense number of followers in a few days.

Participate heavily in popular conversations

Regarding hashtags, you can be involved actively in these hashtags to ensure you get to reach out to as many followers as possible. You can answer questions regarding certain products if you are into a business that deals with such products and direct them to your account for more followers. If you are into memes you can always comment with funny comments. People will recognize your presence and will be more eager to check out your profile for more similar posts.


If your main aim is to get real followers, then you will need to struggle. Nothing comes for free. Don’t be duped into those Instagram automation bots online. You will never get to your desired audience. If you follow the above tips you will surely reach out to your target audience and your Instagram presence will highly be felt. check out the links below: