Top Wallet Brands for Men

Top Wallet Brands for Men

There are a number of things that make a man stay in style, among these is the type, quality, and brand of the wallet he possesses. It’s an extension of their personality, thus the features and brand will say so much about the kind of person you are, though this is one item that is highly neglected. If purchasing a wallet smart one is my recommendation. Though, let’s see below what wallets are the most popular. These brands below will help you become a complete person style-wise.

The best wallet brands.

  1. The Hentley brand

The wallet smart from Hentley are made of Italian leather and are handmade . The company claims that this wallet will be with you for years to come. They have more than enough storage spaces for its modern and also the slim types. It is able to accommodate credit cards and cash whilst at the same time maintaining that Hentley stylish finish. Its free personal monogramming feature that comes with every type they make, makes it special differentiating it from all other brands.

  1. The Bellroy

The Bellroy brand with its note sleeve is nothing but precision craftsmanship as for its subtly visible in the smallest of details of their wallet. These brand with its note sleeve comes with features that make it more than a wallet. Its features include a section for coins and business cards. Its made of peculiar European leather. The company also backs this product by offering its clients a 3-year warranty. This can only mean one thing, its what you paid you are getting and nothing less your value for money. The company produces this product in three main colors, that are black, burnt sienna and forest.

  1. The Goyard brand.

This is one of the oldest leather goods luxury house that has been in the market for over 150 years. The company has experience in everything from hat boxes and trunks, men’s and women’s wallets, pet accessories (chic du Chien). They also have worked with clients like the Grimaldi Royal family, the Picasso, Edith Piaf, and the Karl Lagerfeld. With their wide range of products and even the option of personalization, they guarantee you will an entirely unique and beautiful but that they will hand make the wallet.

  1. The Gucci

This an Italian company that was first known in 1921. Then it was a small letter store that was opened by a guy known as Guccio Gucci. It was based on the craftsmanship of letter products that were available in all sizes but has now grown to a worldwide well-known fashion house for wallet smart. Its signature is a bi-fold that comes in a creamy slate that cannot be acquired from anywhere else except the skin of crocodiles. You can say it’s putting the “luxe in luxury”.

  1. The Mont Blanc

The Mont Blanc is a synonymously that is known around the globe as a traditional connoisseur of instruments of writing since 1906 but has adapted to small letter goods from 1926. The company acquired this name “Mont Blanc” from the highest Alps mountain peak. The meisterstuck Sfumato selection wallets that have a durable exterior made of calfskin with supple lambskin interior.


  1. The Dior Homme

This company is sophisticatedly cool when it comes to fashion. The Dior Homme from 2001 has defined the look in mean with their signature skinny black suits. To an extent that Karl Lagerfeld had to lose weight just to fit in one of these suits and the brand. Their history can be traced to the inspiration of RTW collection, from the sunglasses, shoes, and many other course leather goods. The understated subtleties have become the brand’s signature. These are evident on their red calfskin and burgundy wallets with Monsieur Dior’s signature embossed on the wallets’ interior.